Accounting and Reporting

All businesses need robust financial information in order to manage operations. Financial management needs to rest on the foundation of accurate, transparent, and fully compliant accounting and reporting systems, up-to-date and available at all times. SPDF Group helps its clients set up statutory account books and records, compliant with local GAAP/IFRS requirements, as well as handle tax filings and payroll calculations. This allows our clients to make informed and quick strategic decisions and to ensure compliance with both internal regulations and external statutory requirements, saving them time and costs in the light of potential audits and local filing requirements.

Our assistance makes use of the in-house accounting and reporting modules we have developed and perfected over time, as well as the latest technologies, to ensure our clients receive comprehensive, consolidated, and fully compliant support.


Accounting and Reporting in local GAAP and IFRS

Financial and legal regulations governing the operations of a company frequently change; this situation is made even more complicated if a company works on the international level where business governance varies significantly from country to country. SPDF Group possesses comprehensive expertise on Dutch and US GAAP, and Dutch IFRS. We provide support with establishing and maintaining statutory accounting books and records, preparing interim and annual management reports, drafting statutory financial statements, and delivering audit assistance.

Tax and VAT compliance

Tax, and particularly VAT and transfer pricing regulations, is becoming increasingly complicated, especially when operating businesses internationally, as it can vary significantly depending on the jurisdiction. Being able to stay on top of the changing tax environment is paramount in order to be able to eliminate the risk of failing to properly and timely submit tax filings and declarations. SPDF Group helps its clients prepare, review, and file, either electronically or in paper, as required by the local tax authority, a range of corporate tax returns per local and GAAP/IFRS statutory standards/requirements, including VAT, regional and local taxes, other jurisdictional taxes such as equity, payroll, etc.

Assistance in filing CIT and VAT Returns

Businesses need strong corporate income tax (CIT) management as effective tax rate has a direct impact on the profitability and ultimately on the return on investment. Filing properly completed and timely VAT returns for each accounting period in the year is crucial for companies to keep track of the amount of VAT they owe, what they can reclaim, and what their VAT refund amount is. SPDF provides assistance with both CIT and VAT filings, taking care of all the regulatory requirements and deadlines.

Payroll Services

SPDF Group helps with the traditionally complex and time-consuming task of managing your company’s payroll. We support our clients in managing all their payroll needs across jurisdictions including producing pay slips, filing tax returns and producing year end reports.