Company Management

SPDF Group provides a full range of company management and fiduciary services so our clients can focus their attention on their core business while we make sure the day-to-day management is taken care of and local corporate governance and compliance requirements are met. Our portfolio includes the following services which help keep our clients’ companies in good standing both with their internal statutory regulations and external regulatory demands



SPDF provides a full suite of incorporation services, guiding our clients through the opening of corporate and/or investment bank accounts and ensuring all local filings are properly and timely taken care of in liaison with other local professionals like notaries, lawyers, tax advisors, auditors and bankers.

Providing Local Management

SPDF can provide corporate and/or personal directors to our clients’ local companies. These are highly-skilled professionals with extensive knowledge of the local requirements and as such will pro-actively be involved in the day-to-day management activities.

Full Corporate Secretarial Services

SPDF makes sure your company operates in good standing and with fully compliant corporate governance systems by providing a wide range of secretarial support services, such as keeping the company’s statutory books and records, holding and recording shareholders’ and board meetings, and ensuring all corporate filing and publishing requirements are timely met.


SPDF offers its clients domiciliation services by providing a business address and fiscal and social domiciliation. This simple solution is an alternative to a physical or virtual office and is particularly suited to companies starting their activities as it allows them to make the first steps in a new project without expending high monthly resources that setting up a physical office entails as a rule.

Bank Account & Treasury Services

A company’s bank accounts, particularly if said company is operating in more than one country, are usually spread out over borders, different time zones, and may involve multiple currencies. SPDF Group provides bank account and treasury services that help consolidate our clients’ banking information, allowing for easy, up-to-date overviews of authorized account signatories, and related documents and fees. We provide assistance with movement of funds between different accounts, reporting services with regard funds held in various currencies and ensure optimal use of each bank account in accordance with the requirements at each bank or jurisdiction. This makes keeping track of everything easier, and also ensures seamless annual auditing.

Drafting Legal Documentation

SPDF Group helps its clients make the process of drafting corporate documents faster and more efficient. Documents drafted by a skilled lawyer ensure that the paperwork is enforceable, legally binding and tailored specifically to your company and its needs, with commitment to protecting your business. We deliver corporate legal services acting as your one-stop-shop for backed legal drafting and documentation requirements. The types of documents that we can help you draft include partnership agreements, business sales contracts, vendor agreements, employee contracts, NDAs and confidentiality agreements, etc.

Acting as a (single) Point of Contact

SPDF Group makes your day-to-day operations and management of a myriad relationships and contacts easier by acting as a (single) point of contact for your company, fund, trust, or a dedicated project you are working on. Incorporating this centralized role in your operations enables time and cost efficiencies, increases clarity and transparency, and results in faster and more direct communication and decision-making processes, as well as the ability to react quicker to any changes in the business environment.