Private Wealth Management

SPDF Group is focused on delivering sophisticated and highly personalized private wealth management solutions to our individual (high-net-worth) clients and their families. With members of STEP on our team – the global professional association for practitioners specializing in family inheritance and succession planning, we work on building strong partnerships with our clients, rooted in trust and confidence, and providing them with wealth management strategies that evolve as their circumstances change.

Our support is provided in collaboration with key intermediaries including private banks, family offices, accounting and legal/tax firms and independent financial advisors. It spans professional investment management and financial planning, setting up of trusts and other estate planning vehicles to ensure asset protection, optimal tax planning, and business/family succession.

  • setting up trusts and appointing trustees, in compliance with regulations governing the operations of trusts in the UK, the US, Switzerland, British Virgin Islands, and New Zealand;
  • handling private banking services;
  • setting up new or re-evaluating existing life insurance coverage to help save, invest and protect funds for the next generation;
  • identifying a custom asset protection strategy deriving from in-depth knowledge of your complete financial situation;
  • providing trust and estate management services including taking care of timely day-to-day administration and legal requirements of the trust;
  • guiding the process of succession planning to ensure an orderly succession of assets across jurisdictions and ensuring there are sufficient funds available to meet estate and inheritance taxes along with other important financial obligations.

Our approach is to carry out a comprehensive assessment of our clients’ current situation and help them identify their financial aspirations and related concerns for themselves and their families. This is then translated into a plan that tailors the client’s wealth strategy to their goals and allows for mitigating risks and optimizing taxes. SPDF Group supports clients in making the proposed solution work across all aspects of their lives with built in monitoring mechanisms that signal if and when an adjustment of the course is needed.